Toronto pest control company is expert “witness” in Toronto Star online bedbug story

Toronto – When Toronto public library patrons check out a book, they might get more than a good read. As reported in the Toronto Star’s online newspaper,, one Toronto public library sent a borrower home with a bestseller—and a few bedbugs. While libraries are not big players in the bedbug problem, they are public places serving readers who often lay a book on the bed or keep it on the nightstand. According to Daniel Mackie, technical services manager at GreenLeaf Pest Control, it doesn’t surprise him that a book became infested; after all, “bedbugs love cracks and crevices.”

Mr. Mackie is often the consulting expert on pest control issues in the Toronto area, so it was natural that the reporter of the article should contact him for his take on the library’s bedbug problem. Mackie knows how to put an issue into perspective: “People shouldn’t stop using libraries … you may have a better chance of catching bedbugs from taking public transit or staying in a hotel.” It’s not the library’s fault; people introduce bed bugs and we need to be more accountable when returning items! But for patrons who are skittish about borrowing a library book, it’s comforting to know that bookshelves are a difficult place for bedbugs to survive, and it’s the more highly circulated books, such as popular bestsellers, that are the most likely carriers. Entomologist Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann says that “books are only attractive to the insects when they are near humans.”

So what’s to be done about bedbugs lurking in your favorite mystery? Daniel Mackie has some suggestions. Before checking out a book, thumb through it and look for bugs and black spots. If you have a book with bedbugs, Mr. Mackie recommends sealing the book in a Ziploc bag and leaving it in the freezer for a week. In the summer, you can leave the book in the sun or in a hot car for a few hours.

If your home is the reason that bedbugs end up in library books, GreenLeaf Pest Control can help. They are licensed specialists whose integrated pest management (IPM) approach is environmentally sensitive and proactive for managing insect and pest infestations. Their regular inspections will help to avoid the spread of infestations and prompt early intervention so your books—and bed—stay bedbug-free. Call GreenLeaf at 416.998.9473, or visit them on the web at

About GreenLeaf Pest Control: GreenLeaf Pest Control specializes in environmentally friendly pest control in the Greater Toronto area. Their mission is to provide an effective, proactive program that is preventive in approach using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and their own Environmental Pest Management (EPM) solutions. To contact GreenLeaf Pest Control, call 416.998.9473, email, or visit

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