Save Water AND Money With DK Water of Orlando!

DK Water Savers Inc. is committed to saving water, so they have developed many methods for reducing water. DK Water fits each system to the appropriate community, customizing the system to maximize saving and meet water reduction goals.

DK Water has a staff of engineers that have experience ranging to Disney, to NASA, to the Navy. DK Water’s project inspectors have years of experience in high-rise and commercial building inspections; they are all fluid engineers as well! DK Water provides customers with custom-engineered water reduction services that will utilize the existing system. This is accomplished by inspecting the property in order to determine which method will best reduce water usage.

Different flow-rates are available to choose from, that way customers can customize a water conservation method that is most efficient for their lifestyle. During installation, DK Water will repair all leaks in areas of reduction, as well as provide a list of all leaks noted outside of the reduction area. Throughout every aspect of residential water treatment, DK Water is there to help Floridians save money on water.

It is easy to save money, reduce the use of a valuable commodity, and recover costs quickly with DK Water custom engineered water reduction services. Customers can earn valuable LEEDS points for water reduction, all while increasing NOI. DK Water Savers Inc has a custom system that is tamper proof and corrosion/calcium proof as well.

Water treatment and water conservation has never been easier for Florida residents. To learn more about saving money on your water bill, talk to a representative at, or call DK Water Savers Inc at 407.810.9993. Embedded data.

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