Taking Care of Men’s Celtic Jewelry

Most mens Celtic jewelry is made out of sterling silver, or silver mixed with various metal alloys such as copper. Pure silver jewelry is too priceless and too fragile for everyday wear. Sterling silver mens Irish jewelry is affordable and durable, but does need regular care so that it will look its best.

Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver may look tough, but it easily scratches. Prevent scratches by storing sterling silver men’s jewelry in cloth bags. Place rings in ring cases when not worn. If cloth bags or ring cases are unavailable, use resalable food storage bags. Never just throw jewelry in a drawer or in a jewelry case with other pieces, because they will rub against each other and cause scratches.

Never leave sterling silver jewelry out in the open air. Chemicals in the air and humidity come into contact with the jewelry and causes tarnishing. Avoid placing jewelry on oak furniture because oils from the wood and chemicals in wood polishes can discolor the jewelry.

Cleaning Sterling Silver

Jewelry worn against the skin comes into contact with skin oils which can cause discoloration. Tarnishing or rusting rates depend on how pure the silver is in an individual piece of sterling silver jewelry. Many pieces will look better with a few rubs of a silver polishing cloth. These cloths are often sold with jewelry storage bags. The best cloths are 100% cotton.

Only clean pieces when absolutely necessary. Use cleaner specially made for sterling silver. Never use baking soda, toothpaste or other home remedies. They can quickly scratch and discolor sterling silver. After using a sterling silver cleaner, rinse the jewelry in lukewarm water and dry with the polishing cloth.

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