Many adults today are suffering from problems with their teeth that happened in their formative years; chipped or slightly misplaced or misshapen teeth, discoloration due to chemical exposure or exposure to drugs such as tetracycline when the patient was younger and many other problems that may not have been addressed when the patient was younger can all contribute to a smile that you simply don’t want people to see.

For a qualified cosmetic dentist New York is the right place to be. Sola Dental NYC specializes in giving patients the smile they have always wanted. They are one of the top rated specialists in porcelain veneers NYC has to offer, and Dr. Anne Gershkowitz is among the top of her field.

She has been featured in the ‘Guide to America’s Top Dentists’ for the past four years running, including 2012, and has made it her career goal to give people the smiles they want and deserve. It is hard to overstate just how much of a difference it makes to someone who has spent years trying not to show their teeth when they smile.

While many people just need some minor work, some people will need to straighten their teeth. Sola Dental NYC is one of the top dentists which use Invisalign in NYC, and they have found that this tooth straightening system works best for adults. The best thing about Invisalign New York patients have found is the low visibility and reasonably fast reposition time for their teeth.

Sola Dental NYC is a top cosmetic dentist in NYC, and is also very experienced at the Porcelain Veneers New York City residents want when they do need veneers. While some tooth imperfections can be fixed with other methods, sometimes veneers are called for.

In the case of missing teeth or teeth damaged beyond a certain point something else is required. Dental implants New York City dentists agree is usually the best alternative when there is no other way to repair a tooth. Dental implants are an excellent technology, but it does take skill to place them and make sure they match the existing tooth structure and the target shade of whiteness. Dr. Gershkowitz has the experience necessary to make sure your implant will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

NY cosmetic dentistry offices are not all the same – Sola Dental NYC prides itself on treating each patient as an individual, and a specific plan of action if drawn up for each patient. No unnecessary treatments are ever undertaken. While some people will need the more stringent efforts, many people will just need minor adjustments and a professional whitening done under NY cosmetic dentistry guidelines to give them the perfect smile!

Instead of veneer dental professionals often choose to use tooth contouring and cosmetic bonding to take care of less serious flaws in the tooth structure or stains which cannot be addressed by whitening. These techniques are used to fix small chips or misshapen areas, slight overlaps or declivities and stains.

There are many times when porcelain veneers NYC customers think they need can be fixed using these much less expensive procedures.

Contact Sola Dental NYC for a full consultation and find out just how fast you can have a straight, bright white smile! Embedded data.

Contact Sola Dental NYC for a full consultation and find out just how fast you can have a straight, bright white smile!

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