How to Avoid Jacksonville Moving Company Scams

The most common moving scam is for a mover to agree to move for one price and then hold all possessions hostage until the poor customer forks over an exorbitant ransom, often at double the agreed on price. Although this is an illegal practice, most victims choose not to prosecute. There are many ways for Floridians to avoid Jacksonville moving company scams.

Importance of a Written Estimate

The first way is to get a written, not verbal, estimate. This estimate acts as a contract and must be signed by an employee of the moving company and the party who is hiring that company. The estimate helps ensure that a mover gives up all rights to the property being moved once payment is made.

One common moving company scam is to require customers to pay the entire amount before anything is actually moved. The company then takes off with the money and never shows up to move anything. Floridians can avoid this by never paying the full amount before the moving date. If the possessions need storage before the moving date, these fees need to be written into the estimate.

Check for One or More Business Licenses

Floridians should check to see if the moving company has a state license. If the Floridian is moving out of state, then the moving company needs not only a Florida state license, but another license allowing them to move to or from any other state and Florida.

Customers can also do quick online research at the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau’s website. Any complaints against moving companies based in the Jacksonville area will be listed here. The site also offers a list of accredited businesses, including moving companies.

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