Find Best Adventure Gear at Antimall Online Megastore

Within a very short period of time, Antimall Online Megastore has become the one-stop shop for buying high-quality, premium adventure gear. The simple reason for this achievement is that the store sells 100% authentic sports and adventure gear and also houses stuff which is otherwise difficult to find. The USP of Antimall is that it is not just another online store operated by businesspersons. Sports enthusiasts and adventure junkies, who have tried and tested all the products, operate this store out.

Internet has changed the face and meaning of shopping. Endless trips to the markets and malls, parking tickets, miles-long queues in stores are now a thing of the past. Like a lot of other things, shopping has also gone online. People now prefer making purchases online rather than spending hours in markets and malls. Now a problem is that while regular clothing items and accessories are easily available online, buyers face a massive crunch when it comes to buying of adventure and sports gear. Antimall seeks to close this gap. It’s a path-breaking online megastore, rather it’s a concept, which was started by a bunch of surfers, skaters, and snowboarders with many years of experience in selling footwear, clothing and eyewear designed especially for the action sports lifestyle.

The aim of the company is to open up and then nurture a new segment in online shopping: adventure and sports gear. At Antimall, enthusiasts to choose from a wide range of all major brands that appeal to consumers. The folks at Antimall swear by the mantra: “Don’t just preach but live the gear you sell”. The Antimall team employs a rigorous selection procedure for all products. There is a huge range of sports gear available, most notably sports footwear and apparel, snowboarding equipment, outerwear and apparel, Spy Optic sunglasses and apparel, Altamont apparel and Metal Mulisha toys, and Go Pro spy cameras.

Buyers will only find high-quality, branded products in Antimall Online Megastore and not some sub-standard products and replicas which are often seen selling in the market. The range of products stocked is so comprehensive that you don’t have to take the trouble of spending hours scouting for different brands. “One of the things we pride ourselves in is our product quality, in fact we’re so confident in our product we offer a money back guarantee. Basically if you’re not happy with the product, just return it and we’ll give you a full refund,” says General Manager Aek Fisher.

Antimall makes sure that every product on sale is first tried by them. The products are most suitable for adventure sports, trekking, skating and even playing other regular sports. From Emerica footwear to Altamont apparel, from Spy Sunglasses to Go Pro camera – everything which will excite an adventure enthusiast is available. All products are quality-tested and 100% authentic and are shipped directly from Antimall’s warehouse in Sydney.

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