Halogen or LED Highlights For Your Pond Making the Right Choice in Pond Lights

When it comes to highlighting your pond there are two basic choices, halogen and LED pond lights. Both types of lighting can be found in very decorative styles and sizes including fountains. Halogen lighting has been around a long time and LED isn’t far behind but there is a difference between the two.

Although there are differences between these two types of pond lights, they do share a likeness. Both types will need a transformer. A transformer for safety will have a 3-prong plug. The best choice in a transformer for your pond lights (http://www.lightiq.com/products/underwater-lights/) should be a UL-approved outdoor transformer.

A halogen light is available in various size wattage starting as low as 10 and increasing as high as 75 watts. These pond lights have interchangeable colored lenses to provide a personal touch to your lighting in addition to a lower illumination. You can also use colored bulbs to provide the same effect. Halogen pond lights do have a tendency to become hot and may heat your pond and although they heat up they still last a long time.

If you’re looking for a more durable and longer lasting choice of pond lights then you may want to consider the LED lights. LED pond lights provide a more focused lighting. LED pond lights usually last more than 15 times longer than an incandescent light and nearly three times longer than a fluorescent bulb. LED lights don’t require a filter like the halogen so their lighting isn’t reduced. LED pond lights don’t heat up like the halogens and could be part of the reason they will last longer, plus they won’t warm your pond.

LED pond lights usually cost more than the halogens and this could be a factor to take into account when shopping for your pond illuminators. LED lights aren’t usually readily available in higher wattage like the halogens. At a mere 8 watts per fixture, it depends on the amount of LEDs in the fixture of your lighting choice.

If you’re not sure which would be the best lighting choice for your pond lights speak with a lighting professional about your desires. Together you’re sure to end up with the best illuminating highlight for your pond.

You can find pond light suppliers online at http://www.lightiq.com/products/underwater-lights/ or locally to help you make the best lighting choice for your pond.

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