There is Another Way – / – New Viral Ad is offering free advertising to housing associations for their shared ownership properties, also an online estate agency service for sellers. is offering a marketing and online estate agency service to owners of empty homes and also repossessed homes. please Like the latest Ad and Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see the latest ad in the series “There is Another Way”. Welcomes Housing Associations to Sell Properties Online for Free

The online portal – – has opened up its free advertising offer to housing associations, also enabling individuals to sell a shared ownership home and benefit from the online estate agency package, cutting costs on traditional agents and generate more enquiries for housing associations and sellers saving time and resources in finding suitable buyers. The portal essentially puts the selling party in control of negotiations and viewings, whilst offering the added estate agency services for those who require them. Wherever a seller saves money, these savings can sometimes be shared with the buyer.

Shared ownership is an increasingly popular means by which to get onto the property ladder and as part of its ongoing strategy to boost the house sales market Housetrade also market newly developed properties that offer shared ownership. The portal can also be used to sell former social housing stock.

Coulthwaite adds: “The whole purpose of Housetrade was to make it easier and cheaper for people to Sell a Home and now due to demand we have expanded our coverage of the property market.”

The new sister website was launched in 2012 specialising in Empty Properties, and Repossessed Houses which are two of the most problematic areas in the UK housing market. In findings highlighted by ‘The Great Property Scandal’ it was estimated that there are currently 1 million empty homes in the UK. As such Privatehousetrade has taken on the mantle of sharing some of the burden in bringing these homes back into use and finding buyers for those looking to sell.

Housetrade and Privatehousetrade enable buyers and sellers to negotiate directly, also offering online estate agency services greatly reducing the costs associated with using a traditional estate agent. The portals provide step by step guides to buying and selling, as well as looking at other routes to market including shared ownership and auctions. Online Auctions are facilitated through both portals – For those that are looking for another solution to achieving the best price for their property.

Housetrade and Privatehousetrade provide access to a range of specialist providers needed for buying and selling a house at discounted rates through the web comparison sites;,
These services include; surveyors, mortgage providers, energy performance certifiers, conveyancing solicitors and insurance providers.

To find out more simply visit or and don’t forget to Like our latest Viral Ad and Subscribe to our Channel to be the first to see our latest ads in the series “There is Another Way”. (Press Release) - Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 Embedded data.

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