HollywoodSportsbook.eu Announces New Plan to Significantly Reduce Carbon Footprint. Green is better!

As the year comes to a close, it is a time to reflect on the coming New Year and what can be done to make the world better. At first glance many may not realize the huge impact that the data centers of technology companies have on the environment. Obviously the resources necessary to run even an elite online Sportsbook like HollywoodSportsbook.eu don’t compare to what the likes of Google and Facebook use, but the impact on the environment can’t be ignored either. For that reason, HollywoodSportsbook.eu has gotten a head start on its New Year’s resolutions and started implementing an impressive plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

Going green is all the rage these days, but it takes a very concerted effort to actually make a difference. That’s why HollywoodSportsbook.eu’s plan includes many different changes at many different scales. On the one hand, the company will be taking steps to reduce the energy required to do business by investing in a sophisticated cooling system for its massive server infrastructure. On the other, it will be taking steps to offset the environmental impact it does create by participating in a rain forest reforestation project in Costa Rica. The changes that the company will be making to its online sports betting operations also extend to the simple yet similarly impactful like entering several local recycling programs to better deal with the waste created from running one of the premier online sportsbooks.

Since its inception decades ago, HollywoodSportsbook.eu has always held with the utmost importance the experience of their players. Online sports betting enthusiasts have a multitude of options as to where to play the latest odds on the NFL, NBA, and NCAA basketball. That has driven HollywoodSportsbook.eu to focus on their users. Their dedication is now expanding not just to the experience presented on the site, but also to the wellbeing of the environment. Responsible gambling has many meanings and HollywoodSportsbook.eu aims to discharge that responsibility completely.

Whether players are looking to bet the NFL, play lines on the NBA, or indulge in exotic wagers, HollywoodSportsbook.eu has long been among the forefront of the online sports betting industry. This new commitment that the company is making to reduce its carbon footprint is another step that distinguishes it from the pack.

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