For Movie fans, Hollywood Sports has already opened the lines for betting on the 85th Academy Awards. Zero Dark Thirty is favorite at +250.

When it comes to betting on events, one of the biggest challenges for many individuals is finding a host for the events they’re interested in. Hollywood Sportsbook has long been noted for its attention to areas that other places might not pay any attention to in addition to traditional betting areas such as such as football and auto racing.

This year, Hollywood Sportsbook has offered early odds on one of the biggest events of the season, the 85th Academy Awards being hosted by the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on February 24, 2013. Odds have been set up even before major betting locations such as Las Vegas have posted their own, and visitors to Hollywood Sportsbook can already begin placing their bets on the movie that will win the Best Picture award. Though current odds may be subject to change, Zero Dark Thirty is the current favorite at +250, followed by Les Miserables at +350 and the films Argo and Lincoln at +400 each.

Visitors who dare to place outside bets have a wide variety of options, with the current furthest choices being Brave, Skyfall, and Trouble with the Curve, each of which has odds of +10000. Films in the middle cover a wide variety of odds, from +7500 on down. Visitors are welcome to bet on as few or as many films as they’d like.

Outside of the current nominees for Best Picture during the Academy Awards, Hollywood Sportsbook frequently offers bets on other unusual and exotic events, such as the winners for popular television shows (including options such as The Voice and The X Factor) as well as political events like the 2016 United States Presidential Elections. New events and options are added regularly as information about television shows and award nominees are released, and betting odds may change as an event gets closer to completion and real-life circumstances change things. Whether visitors are looking to get an early bet in or wait until the last minute to determine their choice for champion, Hollywood Sportsbook offers a reliable platform and some of the earliest betting opportunities to be found anywhere in the world.

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