Handmade Luxury Heels From Heatwave Gains Significant Popularity Among Women In Singapore & Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Heatwave is a designer footwear brand for women that focuses exclusively on creating high-end footwear for women. The success story of Heatwave started just with a single shop in Singapore, which has today grown to be one of the most popular designer footwear brands in the global markets. Heatwave Indonesia specializes in Flats, Heels, Sandals, Shoes and Wedges as well as Normi bags for women. It is hard to find a fashion conscious woman in Indonesia that has not heard of ‘Sepatu Heatwave’ while good majority of women in Indonesia would already have a pair or two of Heatwave heels or flats.
One of the factors that makes Heatwave Singapore very special is the fact that the brand uses predominantly manual process. As per the company’s report, it takes eight people to make a pair of Heatwave shoes. The company does not use massive machinery to manufacture the footwear. As most of the production process is handled manually, it is possible for the company to pay close attention to every single pair of shoes that come out of the factory. It is what they call “Quality with a Human Touch”. The brand believes that “a good pair of heels can empower a woman in her daily journeys”.
The popularity and the fast-paced growth of the brand is attributed to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Heatwave continually comes out with many innovative designs and styles to meet the changing demands of fashion conscious women. Though Heatwave can be compared with premium designer brands, all the designer heels and shoes from the brand are very nominally priced.
Heatwave comes out with groundbreaking designs and already has already added numerous styles to the portfolio. While the customers are made to believe that luxury shoes from designer brands are always expensive, Heatwave proves everyone wrong by featuring top-class luxury shoes at the most affordable prices. Owning designer pair of shoes need not be a distant dream for women any longer.
While Heatwave is committed to bringing luxury shoes and luxury heels at the lowest prices possible, the company never compromises on the quality of the footwear just to offset the prices. Heatwave sets very high quality standards in the industry. Every single pair of shoes or heels that comes out of the manufacturing unit is subjected to rigorous quality tests. Customers therefore get only the finest quality designer shoes. From the design room to the retail outlet every aspect is closely monitored in the manufacturing process to ensure that customers get the best value for money.
The handmade Heatwave shoes are highly popular among women and the brand always keeps the products range fresh by continually coming out with many stylish and contemporary designs.

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