Anthony Morrison: Local Business Must Go Mobile

Anthony Morrison has come out saying that local businesses must adapt to the changed advertising landscape. Morrison claims that due to the consumer shift towards mobile technology local businesses must expand their advertising efforts from the traditional desktop and laptops to into the “small screen.”

He emphasizes the importance of reaching customers where they are most accessible, in their mobile devices. The proliferation of different mobile platforms, like Apple and Samsung tablets, as well as the popularity of these devices as avenue for online shopping, makes mobile marketing attractive to entrepreneurs.

“You see, there are prospects and customers right around the corner from your business right now. And, they’re on their mobile devices shopping and researching products and services. The goal is to get their attention when they’re at home, when they’re out, and to make sure that they know where you are and what you have to offer.”

Morrison goes on to make the point that much web-based shopping is no longer being done on large computers at home, but on small mobile devices. He implores business owners to realize and take advantage of this trend to promote and make their products available to a wider audience. He stresses the importance of using mobile apps to grab the attention of online shoppers and make more sales.

“Your reach, to get to that mobile customer, must also utilize mobile apps and particularly text message SMS marketing,” he adds. He mentions the importance of having a mobile version of a business’s web presence, SMS and text marketing, and different sets of apps for Android and iOS users.

Morrison is a well-known entrepreneur, public speaker, and author who specializes in the field of web-based advertising. Born on Christmas Eve in 1982, Anthony was raised with his brother and sister in Mississippi. When his father’s fortune was wiped out in a single day due to the collapse of WorldCom, Anthony left college and started a business selling high-end custom auto parts for Ford Mustangs. His company Cool Blue Performance quickly outperformed the competition with its innovative web-based business model; soon it was on top of the industry.

Since these early business successes, Anthony went on to found nearly a dozen additional companies. With the founding of Morrison Publishing and the release of his first book, “The Hidden Millionaire: 12 Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You,” in 2008, he brought to the print world the expertise that excited students around the world were already finding in his seminars and speaking tours. Since then he has released two additional books, “Automated Profits from Home: Automated Money Making Strategies,” and “Advertising Profits from Home: Simple Money Making Strategies.”

Morrison runs websites and offers trainings aimed at helping online marketers realize their targets. His range of online products includes books, training materials, blogs, and personal appearances to share his expertise in online and mobile marketing.

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