The Chiropractic Domain Offers Superb Chiropractic Treatment

December 27, 2012- Goodwood SA, Australia– the leading firm that provides professional chiropractors in Adelaide who specialise in giving natural relief for back and neck pain, sporting injuries, headaches and migraines and many others- The Chiropractic Domain- has offered superb chiropractic treatment.

A lot of people are not aware of having misalignments in their spinal bones and pelvis area which cause their nerves that carry information from the brain to the body to be irritated. This will then lead to pain, muscle tension and poor function of organs.

A lot of people choose to drink medicines to seek temporary relief, but often times, these medicines no longer work over time if the illness gets more severe. The best solution for this is to seek for chiropractors in Adelaide who are expert enough to address this concern in a natural way.

“When you come to us for help the Chiropractor will first talk with you to find out what your problem is, examine you and conduct a nerve scan. Often spinal x-ray is included in the assessment process. These can be done on-site by the Chiropractor. When you return for your second visit the Chiropractor will analyse your x-rays, scans and examination results, explain what the problem is and what we can do to help. You will then receive your first adjustment,” said The Chiropractic Domain

The company specialises in the following areas:

– Back or neck pain
– Headaches and migraines
– Shoulder, hip and knee problems
– Sporting injuries
– Pregnancy care
– Children and baby care

“A recommendation will be made for the programme of chiropractic care to improve, and ultimately correct the problems. Our clients get the best results when they follow this advice. ” they added.
The Chiropractic Domain service fees are the following:
Initial Consultation

– 12 years – Adult $85.00 (Includes full history, physical examination, Thermal/EMG Spinal Scan & Spinal X-rays when required)
– Baby – 11 years $55.00
– Report of Findings $65.00

Standard Consultation

– All ages $47.00
– Thermal/EMG Spinal Scan $35.00
– Concession $42.00

On-site digital X-ray facilities

– X-ray Full Spinal Series & Pelvis $150* (or bulk billed through Spectrum Radiology**)
– One region Spine $60
– Two region Spine- $120

To avail of their service, call The Chiropractic Domain at (08) 8272 4555 or log on to chiropractor Adelaide Embedded data.

I am Barbara Smith, a professional Ballerina and I recently had an accident that affected my spine. Good thing I found a company that specialises in Chiropractic. Their team of professional chiropractors helped me correct the problem that I had with my spine. Now I’m dancing again and my health becomes a lot better than before.

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