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Portland, Oregon – “If we lose our value advantage we’ve lost our business”

“We made a bold move when we invited guest bloggers. It was a great one but we have to exercise extreme care going forward to make sure we keep adding unique and distinct value so that our readers keep coming back for more”, says Lucas, owner of

It’s a few months back that began inviting guest bloggers. This proved indeed a right decision. The editorial team receives many articles suggestions on a daily basis but unfortunately not all can be published. Some pieces simply doesn’t meet editorial standards in terms of content value, syntax and grammar, others are not unique but pre-published but too many are just rehashed, even spun pre-published articles that have been put together in haste, without the reader in mind, and simply for the purpose of back-linking.

“Our mindset is like Google. We publish content for human beings and not for search engines. We won’t publish everything that’s passed to us! Period! Our first priority is the reader, our second priority is the reader and our third priority is the reader! When we get this right, we have real winners. Take our current best article . Thousands have read that! Same goes with the article on the resumes objectives you set or the best ways you should apply to find jobs where you can work from home . These are the types of articles we want to see and publish as these bring real value to our readers.

Guukle encourages authors and writers to keep submitting material for review but all submissions must be made with reader value in mind.

About provides free advice and guidance for people wanting to change careers, looking for jobs, starting a new business or starting over. Whatever is your starting point at we centre around you and your dreams and objectives. Nothing is impossible if you are focused to succeed and know how.

Owner: Lucas Bowen
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