New collaborative group in Buffalo aims to maintain regional real estate growth

Buffalo, New York – DJD Homes and Designs has been recently formed as a real estate team of agents, investors, contractors and rehabbers in the Western New York area. With over 30 years of experience, DJD Homes intends to be one of the key organizations to improve the real estate market in the Buffalo metropolitan area.

“We started more than 20 years ago in the general contracting business, learning every aspect of construction from top to bottom,” says David Niles. “Then we decided, recently, that adding real estate licenses to our portfolio would open many more doors for our customers.”

By combining the experience of home construction and renovations, in addition to real estate knowledge, DJD Homes is considered a one-stop shop for the Buffalo metropolitan market. The company is providing services, such as buying / selling of private houses and remodeling current homes. And the investment know-how can help regional companies with property management or additional investor services.

The current statistics about the Buffalo investment ranks the region as an excellent investment avenue for Buffalo investors. With the median listing price being $321,500, and the total listed properties at nearly 100,000 properties, the region offers a lot of potential. (***taken from your DJD blog***)

DJD Homes even states that they will buy, fix and sell any home in ANY situation – the information is just a phone call away. They are willing to help customers who are in financial distress, but need repairs to their homes.

For more information, please call 716-240-0729 or visit

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