Twitter Has Finally Launched It’s Long-Awaited Archiving Feature

Twitter has finally launched their long awaited feature on 19th December 2012. Back in July 2012, Twitter-CEO Dick Costolo announced their new feature twitter-archiving system to be launched at the end of this year. As he promised, Twitter engineering team has finally started rolling this service to the users slowly. It will soon be available to all and you can check your old tweets and recall the memories.

Twitter, the micro blogging giant finally added the long-awaited feature.

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that started with the concept of sharing thoughts in 140 characters. Today most online business owners are eager to learn how to get more followers on twitter and the reason is massive reach of these short messages to millions of users. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms ever.

In several cases, the small micro-blogs termed as Tweets were able to make government fall in different countries and initiate revolutions. So, the power of these Tweets could easily be assumed and the innovative internet marketers have successfully used the power of sharing on this wonderful platform twitter and today, no online business can think of planning their marketing strategy without including a comprehensive twitter-approach.

The release is rolling out slowly, says the official representative.

Mollie Vandor, a representative and member of User services engineering team of twitter has posted about their brand new feature in Twitter blog. She has gladly notified the users about the long-awaited option integrated with some accounts in the primary stage. She also says that the option is rolling out slowly as the engineering team is observing the response and technical issues. She also revealed a secret; they have been working on this since their quarterly hack week program.

Currently, the option is only open to the accounts that use English as their preferred language. The engineering team is continuously working on this issue and they have been trying to make this feature available in all languages and to all users around the world. As millions of tweets are made each day, the team is concerned about the major changes in their database management system and approving the user-accounts gradually to access the feature.

It’s time to get more followers on twitter for every online business owner.

Previously, twitter allowed viewing up to 3000 previous tweets. This year, in July, CEO Dick Costolo discussed about their new step and now the approved accounts can request and activate the feature. This option may not seem highly profitable for the business owners, but could be used as resources for your business analyst and brand developers. They will be able to make comparisons on how your tweet-campaigns worked and brought customers.

Now, they can easily produce a marketing strategy report that’ll compare and contrast between different strategies you have taken in the previous years and prepare something more potential and powerful. It’s the high time to get more followers and start using twitter with better expectations. It can also be a good idea to buy twitter followers to get your business a kick start now.

Downloading your personal Tweet-data is simple and easy.

After logging into your Twitter account, you have to go to Settings option. Then, you have to scroll down and find the option to request the feature of archiving the old tweets. If your account is already approved, you will find out the link and clicking that will get you to a new page. The page will notify you about a mail sent to your parent email address where the instructions are provided. The instructions are very simple and it’ll let you access the archive once it’s ready. If you don’t see the option yet, wait until the account is prepared for the feature.

The data is available in a convenient web-archive format with encoded with CSS style information. You can open the archive directly into the web browser. You can view the archived tweets by date or by month. You can also search for specific tweets from the database. The easy-to-access database is convenient for every tweeter user. The archive also comes in CSV and JSON formats for the advanced users, professional marketers, analysts and business owners.

The archive can be opened in any spreadsheet application (MS excel will do great). Developers can access the database as they wish using the twitter API version 1.1 features. team welcomes this brand new feature of Twitter on this eve of 2013. Frozzo team will continue serving the clients with proven social media strategies and tactics. If you’re confused about how the feature will help your business grow, SEM experts at is here to explain how the feature will be a powerful analytical report for business development.

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