Denver Garage Door expert cautions CO homeowners against replacing garage door torsion springs without training

Denver garage door service specialist, Denver Garage Doctor is cautioning area homeowners against replacing their garage door torsion springs without the help of a professional.

Trapper Searles, owner of Westminster, CO based Denver Garage Doctor said it is very dangerous for homeowners to attempt to replace garage door torsion springs without the proper training or help of a trained and experienced specialist.

“Torsion springs are some of the most difficult and dangerous things to work on in the garage doors. They are wound tight, under severe pressure and if not handled correctly, can seriously hurt or even kill the person,” Searles said earlier today in his office.

He said it is foolhardy for homeowners to attempt springs replacement on their own.

“The truth is that it is not very expensive to replace these springs. Right now, we are having a sale and for $165, we will come out and replace both springs in your garage door. Believe me that will be the best $165 you will have spent. It could save you a lot of problems by having a professional do the job,” Searles said.

Searles said he decided to sound the alarm because he is seeing more homeowners attempt this dangerous task without the proper training and equipment.

“As we go to our customers’ homes, we are seeing more of them trying to handle the spring replacement on their own. So far, we have not witnessed any deaths but it could happen as more people decide to do it on their own. I will advise anyone reading this not to do it,” Searles said.

Denver Garage Doctor is currently offering two garage door spring replacements for $165 for homeowners in Denver and Westminster, CO., and Searles said the special will not be available for much longer.

“We will end the specials soon so it is a limited time offer. All a customer has to do to take advantage of the offer is call us at 303-345-4707, give us their information and we will come out to their place. It’s as simple as that,” Searles continued.

Trapper Searles and his team of specialists at Denver Garage Doctor can also be reached through the website at
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