New Day Treatment Program Added to the Services at the Florida House Experience

The Florida House Experience is a recovery center that specializes in helping those who are addicted to alcohol and other substances recover from their addiction. Just recently, they added a day treatment program that can be very effective at helping addicts recover from their addiction.

The way that their new day treatment program works is it is considered partial hospitalization throughout the daytime. You will be given an intermediate level of addiction treatment care, so that you can recover in a safe and effective environment. The day treatment program essentially gives you all the tools and treatment options that you need during the day, so that you can be effective with your recovery. It is more intense than other types of programs and it’s something that takes your recovery to the next level. The intensive therapy will be done during the day, and the addict may even be required to enroll in night programs so that they can achieve their individual treatment goals.

Throughout the daytime therapy, the patient will be able to work with counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, and many other types of specialists. This will generally take up the entire day, sometimes even amounting to a full eight hours. As you can see, this is a very intense but effective treatment option, it often includes group counseling, educational sessions, one-on-one counseling, and other types of invasive treatment options. These are things that have been shown to be effective and at the Florida House Experience, they go the extra mile to make sure every patient gets the services that they need.

As a Rehab Center FL business, the Florida House Experience provides a renowned Drug Addiction Treatment Florida program. They help addicts recover from their addiction in a responsible way and with the daytime program, addicts will be able to stay in a sober living residence that provides them with addiction treatment throughout all hours of the day. At night, the addict will be able to stay at the facility or they can go to their regular home. This all depends on the level of addiction that the addict has and what the individual goals are for the addict and what the facility recommends. The psychiatrists and counselors that you meet with will recommend a plan for you, this may involve many types of treatment solutions. It could include group meetings, therapy, 12 step meetings, recovery workshops, health and wellness and nutrition focuses, yoga, and much more. All of these things are effective at helping an addict and they can get you back onto the right track. At the Florida House Experience, they do everything they can to ensure that your recovery is going to be successful and that includes giving you advanced treatment and care.

When you want to recover in a safe environment, The Florida House Experience provides exactly what you need. They go above and beyond to accommodate their residents and they ensure that every addict leaves with the tools they need to be successful with their sobriety. When you want a healthy and drug-free life, The Florida House Experience helps you accomplish that. You can find them online at, Embedded data.

Find out about the new day treatment program that was added to the services at the Florida House Experience.

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