Top 10 benefits of calling cards

Several of persons depend on the prepaid calling cards for making the cheap calls to India due to rates can really be considerably less than the traditional rates. However selecting can really be tough. There’re several of calling cards, and each with the different fees, rates, and the limitations which you very effortlessly can finish up spending much more than you really expected. In this article we will discuss about the different calling cards. Top calling cards are mentioned below.

Comfi card

Approximately from all available cards in marketplace, this is maybe the most excellent amongst them. This is extremely dependable and this can really be trusted with the confidence. The support of customer is very helpful, service is really good.

Pingo calling card

This is another business that offers international services of calling card. This cannot better than the comfi calling cards, however yet they’re comparatively good and acceptable to use. The main advantage of this company is that during the special events and occasions they offer great deals and offers, specifically during the Christmas and holidays.

Boss revolution

It is genuinely the service from the IDT business and this is really not literally the card of calling at all, however can be utilized as the one. This is same to the local telephone that offers the calling rates of VoIP however at similar time provides you the completely separate service of the features of calling card.

Phone card smile

This is the new company of the calling card which claims to know the challenges and the frustrations involved in the finding, purchasing and utilizing the calling cards. As the result, this just provides the little variety of what this considers higher quality cards of calling for the use in the virtually approximately every place of a world.

Zap Tel

This is the privately held business, headquarter of this company is situated in the Chicago; this company has thousands of the clients, comprising the students and approximately five hundred different universities.


This was voted by the kiplinger’s as great souce for the prepaid calling cards in the year of 2006. This company was ranked 79th also by the inc. Magazine on the yearly list of fastest developing private business in United States.

Non reachable prepaid calling cards

As name tells, these cards make you able to make the cheap calls to India after you’ve paid for the certain amount. These cards come with the access number and PIN number as well that you require dialing in the order to make the connection.

Rechargeable prepaid calling cards

To save you from hassle of buying the new card every time the credit is really used up, phone service offers offer rechargeable cards. And with this type of the cards you really can top up balance in the account by just making the payment online or in form of the cash.

Virtual calling cards

These are really not obtainable in the tangible shape and these are famous as the virtual calling cards. It means buying cards via vendors on the internet. You’ll be needed to reimburse the certain amount on the internet and providers of the service will send you access number with PIN number.

Post Paid calling cards

These cars will offer you the uninterrupted service. You really can make as much calls and for as longer as you desire to without taking tension regarding the calls being cut off.

International calling cards

The international calling card is the calling card which is really designated for the international calling. The international calling cards can really be utilized from United States of America to call all over the world. Embedded data.

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