Stand Up Paddle Board Manufacturer, Tahoe SUP, Innovates Board Packaging, Reduces Use of Plastics

Reno, Nevada, USA – Stand Up Paddle Board manufacturer, Tahoe SUP, continues to innovate the industry by announcing that all Tahoe SUP boards will be packaged for shipping in their own reusable, padded board bag. This eliminates the need for plastic bubble wrap which is used industry wide, is un-recyclable in most areas and difficult to dispose of.

This is a another step towards keeping our sport environmentally conscious as we can only hope to inspire other manufacturers to make similar decisions,” said Nate Brouwer, owner of Tahoe SUP and designer of the new board bag. “There were plenty of challenges with making the switch but in the end we were able to offer an attractive and protective bag to our customers without raising the price of our boards.” The reusable board bag is being heralded by Tahoe SUP retail shops nationwide not only for the overall reduction of waste it represents, but the increase in protection it provides to the boards during shipping and handling. Stand Up Paddle Boards average 12 feet in length and traditionally manufacturers will cover the entire board in bubble wrap and place inside of cardboard boxes to prevent damage. A typical retail shop could receive 5 to 10 boards at a time and although the cardboard can be recycled, bubble wrap from just 3 boards can fill a dumpster.

Tahoe SUP is leading the revolution of Stand Up Paddle Board touring on lakes, rivers and oceans. The quality and innovation of their boards and products is connecting people with the world around them and opening the doors of adventure. Each Tahoe SUP model features displacement hull technology, developed from research with the Tahoe SUP Race and Explore Project Team. The stability of the boards combined with the displacement hull and added volume for carrying cargo, provides the opportunity to explore and go on tour. Tahoe SUP supports a healthy and clean environment and is committed to providing the best customer experience on and off the water.

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