Sales of Horse Riding Boots for Women Remain Stable

England 19/12/2012- Despite the recession, sales of horse riding boots for women have remained strong

Good quality Horse riding boots for women are not cheap, yet sales have remained strong despite the recession. There are several reasons for this.

The first reason is that if you ride you have to buy good quality kit. Cheap kit is definitely a false economy. Any rider who has bought a cheap pair of jodhpurs will tell you what a false economy doing so is. They literally fall apart after just a couple of weeks. The same is true of cheap riding boots.

Riding, boots take a lot of punishment they are flexing constantly when riding. Cheap boots are sewn with weak thread, which soon stretches. In no time at all the seams start to come apart. Cheap boots chafe the rider and worse can chafe the horse causing health problems for the horse. Good boots make getting on and off the horse far easier as well as safer. Walking around the stable or yard is also far safer in proper riding boots.

As a result, even in a difficult economic climate most riders will find the money to buy proper riding boots. They will buy the best brand they can afford, because they know that buying cheap boots is a false economy.

Horse riding boots for women look good
The great thing about riding boots is that they actually look very good. This means that they can potentially double up as daywear as well as riding boots. Depending on the cut of the boots they can be worn with jeans or trousers and because they are shaped to the calf they look good with a skirt or a dress as well.

Naylors have been selling horse riding boots for women from the very beginning. When Derrick Naylor started trading in 1965, he decided to stock only high quality products. It was a good business decision because today people still trust Naylors to sell them good quality equestrian clothing and equipment. Customers come back to them year after year and generation after generation.

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