South African safari made better with the introduction of a dedicated travel agency

Whether it is a foreign trip or domestic tour, it is always ideal to trust upon a travel agency so that the tour planning is the most enjoying one. While travel agencies are many, a firm offering packages and deals for a particular region of the world is not common to find. But mention needs to be made of Sussi Safaris and Travel Services in this context because it is dedicated to present to the world the splendor and thrill of South African regions!

The best thing about this region of the globe is the combination of cultures and natural treasures like exotic wildlife, sandy beaches, deep blue ocean waters, dense forests and spectacular savannas. Sussi Safaris has vast experience in this South African natural magnificence and hence has tailor made the tour packages in such a manner that there is a selectable one to suit the profile and taste of every type of traveler. Thus, while on one hand there are itineraries like Cape Town Tour package, Cape Town and A Safari and Best of Three Countries that give travelers the wonderful experience to visit the best tourist attractions in Cape Town and its adjoining regions like Zambia and Botswana, devoted packages like Best Of Zambia, Best of Botswana and Zambia/Botswana have their own unique appeal.

Besides the plethora or packages, Sussi Safari gives special attention towards optimum customer satisfaction. Therefore, it also covers features like accommodation facilities, safari supplies, guides and tour directors and transportation facilities so that the safari tours becomes all round successful. All these come in highly competitive rates and customized format. The company has supplied its contact numbers, postal address and email id in its official portal for 24 hours emergency contact.

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About Sussi Safari and Travel Services

Headed by two prominent industry professionals Terry MacBean and Sharon Lockhart Ross, Sussi Safaris aims at presenting South Africa as the perfect holiday destination. Twenty five years of industry expertise of these professionals helps the firm in rending ultimate customer satisfaction.


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