People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction are suffering from a disease. There are some people who are leery of that notion, but if you suffer from addiction problems or if you have known someone who has, you know that it is not as easy as just saying – “Stop doing that!”

It would be nice if it was that easy; unfortunately it is not.

But it is not hopeless either. Once a person does realize that they have an addiction problem, there is help available from the many drug rehabilitation centers Florida has to offer. The Florida House Experience is one of the best, and has been helping people develop and enjoy sober lives for years. The emphasis on all encompassing and custom solutions and the importance of the family are all part of the Florida House Experience.

No addiction story is the same, and no treatment can be the same either. Each person is an individual, and there are often underlying causes which drive a person to the addiction. Many programs, 28 day and otherwise, are unsuccessful because they treat the addiction as the main cause of the problem.

But often, that is not the case. Many times, addiction problems are actually symptoms of a greater, underlying disorder or event and until that core problem is solved the problem of addiction will be intractable. This dual diagnoses ability is just one of the things that set the Florida House Experience apart from other drug rehab centers and alcohol treatment facilities.

The Florida House Experience is also one of the most Affordable Drug Rehab Centers in the region, with outpatient and day treatment options as well as residential programs. They have many accreditation’s and professional partnerships, and their facility is a state of the art center on 3 acres.

The Florida House Experience works with most of the major insurers, but understands that some people don’t have insurance. They will do their best to tailor a program that works for you and within your budget. If you want a truly revolutionary Florida Drug Rehab Center that also offers affordable alcohol treatment, The Florida House Experience should be at the top of your list.

The programs offered at this south Florida rehab center start with medical detoxification. This is not necessary in every case, but sometimes it is necessary to cleanse the body before the true healing process can begin, and the Florida House Experience has the expertise and facilities to handle nearly any medical detoxification. All the programs, from the residential to the outpatient programs are designed to address the entire problem, not just the addiction.

If you are suffering from depression of PTSD, Traumatic Head Injury or more, it is vital that those issues are addressed at the same time as the addiction is. Only in this way can true balance be achieved, and then real world strategies for maintaining a sober life can be achieved. In this way, long term success is much more likely.

A whole range of physical therapies is available also, from massage therapy to acupuncture and chiropractic care, exercise and yoga. Visit or call the Florida House Experience to find out how they can help you or your loved one – the Florida House Experience is waiting now to help you get healthy.

For more Infomation please visit: http://www.floridahouseexperience.com

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Visit or call the Florida House Experience to find out how they can help you or your loved one - the Florida House Experience is waiting now to help you.

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