Twelve “Weird” and Unique Sales Tips Revealed In New Book

Los Angeles real estate broker and author Bob Boog reveals twelve unusual but very powerful psychological triggers used by sales professionals that most people are not even aware of in his new book, Selling Outside the Square:Creative Ideas to Help YOU Make More Sales. The book officially launched December 24, 2012 and is available on

When asked about why he believes this book is unique, Boog says, “there are countless books that share sales tips, and many of them give similar rehashed advice. I wanted to provide people with creative insights I wish I knew when I first got started in sales. It took me nine years of dedicated research and experience in the to discover all of these tips because many of them are not addressed by the mainstream community of authors, bloggers, and sales trainers.”

Selling Outside the Square aims to provide sales professionals and non-professionals with unique and lesser known tips and strategies for motivating people to take action – whether those individuals are customers or just ordinary teenagers.

“Let’s face it, everybody is selling something these days,” Boog claims.”A mother might have to “sell” her daughter on the idea of not wearing a low-cut blouse to school. A fitness instructor might have to sell his clients on the importance of changing eating habits.

Also, people on a busy schedule might need to know when somebody is trying to use these techniques to sell them something that they do NOT necessarily need. So this book may be useful to all of these individuals – even though they do not sell anything for a living.”

The book, Selling Outside the Square is available through in both print and Kindle formats. It has gathered favorable reviews on both and where readers have praised its humor, conversational tone and interesting scientific research. Kindle copies are available at Selling Outside the Square Kindle and print copies can be found at Selling Outside the Square

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