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India Diabetes Industry Research and Forecasts to FY’2016 – Shift towards Modern Insulin Delivery Devices


Published Date : 1 April 2012

Pages : 61

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Executive Summary

The report titled “India Diabetes Industry Research and Forecasts to FY’2016 – Shift towards Modern Insulin Delivery Devices” provides a comprehensive analysis on the market size of diabetes industry on the basis of number of diabetic patients in India, sales of anti-diabetic drugs and diabetes devices in India, market segmentation by Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients, Insulin and oral anti-diabetic drug market in India. The report also entails the size of diabetes testing devices and insulin delivery devices segments further categorized into test strips, glucose meters, lancets, vial and syringes, reusable insulin pens and prefilled pens. The report also covers competitive landscape and profiles of major players operating in the diabetes industry.

India is the second largest diabetes-affected nation in the world after China (~ million), accounting for ~ million diabetic patients followed by the US (~ million) in 2011. India contributed maximum to regional mortality with ~ deaths caused due to diabetes in 2011. The most affected diabetic patients falls in the age group of 40-59 years which accounts about ~% of total diabetic population and the least affected age group is 20-39 accounting ~% of total diabetic patients in India. Despite a high prevalence rate of diabetes, the country spends merely about USD ~ million which is just 1% of the total diabetes spending worldwide.

Indian anti-diabetic drugs market contributed around ~% of total global anti-diabetic drugs market. In FY’2008, the value of anti-diabetic drugs market in India was USD ~ million which grew up to USD ~ million in FY’2011. The most popular oral anti-diabetic drugs are biguanides, gliclazide, gliclazide with metformine, rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone of which biguanides contributed around ~% market share.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

* The market size of the India diabetes market on the basis of number of type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients, FY’2005-FY’2011
* The Indian anti-diabetic drug and diabetes device market size on the basis of revenue, FY’2005-FY’2011
* Market segmentation of anti-diabetes drugs market into Insulin and Oral anti-diabetic drug sales and diabetes devices into testing (test strips, lancets and meters) and delivery devices (vial and syringes, reusable insulin pens, prefilled insulin pens), FY’2005-FY’2011
* Trends and developments in the Indian Anti-diabetic drug and Device Care market

Table Of Contents

1. India Diabetes Market Introduction
2. India Diabetes Market Size, FY’2005-FY’2011
2.1. By Number of Diabetes Patients, FY’2005-FY’2011
3. India Diabetes Market Segmentation, FY’2005-FY’2011
3.1. By Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Patients, FY’2005-FY’2011
4. India Anti-Diabetic Drug Market Introduction
4.1. India Anti-Diabetic Drug Market Size by Value, FY’2005-FY’2011
4.2. India Anti-Diabetic Drugs Market Segmentation, FY’2005-FY’2011
4.2.1. By Insulin and Oral Anti- Diabetic Drugs, FY’2005-FY’2011
4.3. India Anti-Diabetic Drug Market Trends and Developments
Shifting Preference towards Insulin from oral anti-diabetic drugs
Mounting Proportion of Undiagnosed Diabetes Patients
Rising Distribution and Marketing Alliances

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