1ST JANUARY 2012- ITQlick, announced today the launch of its new beta website,, a free open network which serves as a international gathering point for IT professionals, experts and vendors. Members of this network can communicate, share experience and knowledge, exhibit successful projects and offer solutions and services. ITQlick will offer a place where new tools can be presented, reviews on software products can be viewed and discussed by actual users, creating a network of mutual feedback and knowledge.

Founded in 2012, ITQlick aims to help businesses find IT solutions and IT vendors to expand their target audience. Business professionals can create technology profile based on software products they are using and projects are part of. IT vendors can list their products and services, create an online portfolio that showcases their projects and business success stories. Both can engage with each other. The company calls itself the “all-in-one knowledge base of IT solutions” as it plans to build an online directory of all solution and service providers available.

How does it work? To get most if ITQlick, users are requested to sign in with their LinkedIn account and add products and interests to their profile, this allows ITQlick to better match user’s profile with interesting peers, software products and service providers. Users can also actively search for IT solution and services by the website search engine; they can even filter results using advanced parameters such as industry, business area, country, vendor type and more.

Collaborating with other peers, experts and IT vendors can really help professionals boost up their business and come up with different and better solutions for their company. Those who are interested in these services can contact –


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