Did you know that this January is Federal Radon Awareness Month?

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium. Radon is most often found in soils, and it typically moves up from the surrounding soil of individual houses and up through the cracks and holes of into such houses, where it can be trapped and can build up over time. January is both Federal Radon Awareness Month and National Radon Testing Month. Now is the time to test your home for radon gas in order to ensure that you are living in a safe and sustainable environment.

The threat posed by radon is not well known amongst the public. Indeed, if you have never heard radon or have never thought about its connection with your everyday life, then you are one of millions of other Americans who are in the same position. Most people are unaware, through no fault of their own, of the risk that this radioactive substance poses to them and their family. The mere thought of anything radioactive being the vicinity of ordinary homes seems far-fetched. However, radon works in such a way that makes it un-visible and its effects not immediately noticeable. That is why Federal Radon Awareness Month and National Radon Testing Month are so important. By raising awareness we can get more people involved in detecting and tracing radon wherever it may be in our homes and communities.

Radon is silent and deadly. Exposure to radon over long periods of time can increase one’s chances of developing cancer. However, if you become aware of living in a place which contains high levels of radon gas, then you can significantly reduce the associated health risks. Federal Radon Awareness Month encourages action to prevent radon build up in all housing and buildings owned and controlled by the federal government. Events are also planned which are aimed at reducing the health risks to schools, daycares, and residential homes.

In fact, Federal Radon Awareness Month and National Radon Testing Month is a good time to get persons from communities across America involved in the cause to educate and inform the public about the dangers of radon. Many schools and community centers host events during this month in which information about how to test for and detect radon is freely distributed. As was previously stated, radon is found in soil, air, and water, and so it is vital that persons learn how to test the air inside their homes and the water wells in the vicinity of their homes for radon gas. The literature presented during these events also helps persons find local testing experts that can assist communities in determining the amount, if any, of radon level in their water supply.

Federal Radon Awareness Month and National Radon Testing Month is a concerted effort to get people involved in the effort to isolate sources of radon gas and counter its effects. It is most of all a grass roots event designed to enable individuals to organize and plan measures to detect radon gas. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit our website.For more informatiopn please visit at http://RadonMonth.org.

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January is both Federal Radon Awareness Month and National Radon Testing Month, a time to guard yourself against the dangers of radon gas.

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