Proliance Offers Variety of Counseling, Training, Treatment and Therapy Services

Proliance is a company that offers high quality psychiatric and evaluation services to individuals throughout the Boca Raton area. The company, which operates as the office of Michael J. Morejon, MD, provides a very unique and high-quality way to deliver psychiatric and mental health services to individuals throughout all of southern Florida. He has a very unique way of offering treatment to patients, and has been able to greatly increase the effectiveness of common treatment strategies, since opening the business, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of different conditions that affect individuals of all ages including children, adolescents, and adults. He has spent most of his professional career working in psychiatry, helping to treat all of the different aspects of mental illness. In the course of treatment, he is been able to deliver highly personalized care to individuals, and giving them a nonjudgmental perspective on the issues that they are facing.

ADHD Evaluation, Treatment and Medication

One of the services provided by Proliance is the evaluation of children that believe that they may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Not only will Michael J. Morejon, MD be able to determine whether or not the child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but he while also be able to implement the treatment that makes the most sense, given your situation. Although, in some cases medication may be required in order to lessen the effects of ADHD, Michael J. Morejon, MD believes that the first steps are to change the mental outlook of the child, and help them to work on creating new studying, working, and attention habits that can help to avoid the use of medication and the treatment of ADHD where available.


Michael J. Morejon, MD also provides a wide range of different counseling services, to individuals that are dealing with a variety of different situations. The types of counseling offered by the company include grief counseling, premarital counseling in order to ensure that you have the happiest and most fulfilling marriage as you possibly can, and general counseling for individuals that are looking for advice and help.

Psychiatric Evaluation for All Ages

If you have a loved one, or you your self are worried about your psychiatric state, and are looking for an evaluation, Michael J. Morejon, MD provide psychiatric evaluations for individuals of all ages including children, adolescents and adults. This is a basic an introductory evaluation that can help determine what kinds of issues an individual is dealing with, and will last about one hour in total. In evaluation is ideal for parents that are not yet ready to commit to a full psychiatric evaluation, and instead are looking to get a basic understanding of what is going on with their child, or themselves. Some of valuations may last as long as two hours, depending on the severity of the conditions that are involved, and the process that is employed in order to properly evaluate the individual.

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