The Immortals of Meluha will be game-changer for us: Karan Johar

In recent Bollywood Gossip, “For me, it isn’t just another film. I might express it will be a game-changer for Dharma Productions,” the 40-year-old said here Thursday in the launch with the cover page from the third book of writer Amish Tripathi’s Shiva trilogy, Oath of the Vayuputras.Tripathi’s Oath from the Vayuputras is predicted to be on stands by March 2013. The 2nd book of his trilogy was titled Key to the Nagas.

Karan admits finalising the c’s for your film and handling the complete project is a tough challenge.
"Internally, we’ve gone through the processes of really finding out just who the perfect team would be to write the script, because adapting this book is really a daunting task and (same goes with) putting out on the celluloid," Karan said.

"It isn’t a film that you can commission to a writer and will also get ready by 50 percent or three months… you will get a first draft and second draft. It’s going to apt to be the greatest challenge that Dharma Productions has ever taken on," he added.

Asked what’s his Meluha, an ideal land, Karan said: "Every movie I make, becomes my Meluha because to me, every film is therapeutic. Every film, I would say… it becomes a life at that point of time.

"So, we develop a Meluha each and every time we put our vision on celluloid, and i believe that might be any filmmaker’s answer."

It narrates the tale of Shiva, a Tibetan refugee that is taken to Meluha since the king of Meluha believes inside the legend an outsider will be their saviour. for more Bollywood gossip and news. Embedded data.

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