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Innovation in Drug Delivery – Broad-based Proprietary Technology


Published Date : September 2012

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Innovation in Drug Delivery – Broad-based Proprietary Technology Platforms to Address Delivery Efficiency and Improve Patient Compliance


GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research, “Innovation in Drug Delivery – Broad-based Proprietary Technology Platforms to Address Delivery Efficiency and Improve Patient Compliance”. The report provides an overview of the most exciting innovations in drug delivery technologies in major therapeutic areas – oncology, vaccines, diabetes, rheumatology and respiratory diseases. Each chapter highlights emerging companies with technologies that have the potential to transform drug delivery in that specific therapeutic area. The report also explores the current environment in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, and examines drivers and challenges for the use of innovative drug delivery technologies. Drug delivery technologies provide commercial opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by improving the chances of success for a drug development project. They enable the formulation of a promising molecule that might have poor solubility or require selective delivery to a particular tissue, such as the brain. Similarly, drug delivery technologies may enable companies to differentiate products within crowded therapeutic areas, facilitate life cycle management for existing drugs, and reposition existing drugs – proprietary or generic – in new indications where the needs of the patient population are different or, again, where more targeted delivery is required. Products that are reformulated with novel drug delivery systems do not meet the traditional criteria for innovative products – in other words, products that include new active moieties. Nevertheless, GBI Research’s analysis shows that the commercial success of existing products that rely on innovative drug delivery technologies is clear, and these products make significant positive changes for patients.


Detailed analysis of the reasons for the industry to look closely at drug delivery technologies.
Exploration of the environment in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry that is driving companies to invest in drug delivery.
Insight into collaborations between the largest pharmaceutical companies and smaller companies with innovative drug delivery technologies.
Detailed insight into innovation in drug delivery in key therapeutic areas: oncology, vaccines, diabetes, rheumatology and respiratory diseases.
Case studies of leading companies, their technologies and clinical data emerging from important drug development programs.

Reasons to Buy

Identify leading drug delivery companies.
Learn about mergers, acquisitions and collaborations in drug delivery.
Develop strategies and priorities for investing in drug delivery technologies.
Understand the most important technologies and companies involved in developing new drug delivery technologies in key therapeutic areas.
Explore the needs of patients in each therapeutic area and the ways in which drug delivery technologies can be used to meet these within drug development pipelines.

Table Of Contents

1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Executive Summary
2.1 Drug Delivery Requirements Vary Across Therapeutic Areas
2.2 Successful Drug Delivery Technologies Meet Patient Needs
3 Drug Delivery: An Overview
3.1 Introduction
3.2 The Drug Delivery Market
3.3 Market Trends Affecting Drug Delivery
3.3.1 Drivers within the Healthcare Environment
3.3.2 Pharmaceutical Industry
3.4 Leading Drug Delivery Companies
3.4.1 Pharmaceutical Company Drug Delivery Portfolios
3.4.2 Deal Making
3.5 GBI Research Report Guidance
4 Oncology
4.1 Introduction
4.2 PEGylation
4.3 Protein-Based Drug Delivery Systems
4.3.1 Albumin
4.3.2 Other Fusion Proteins
4.3.3 Hyaluronidase
4.4 Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
4.4.1 Liposomes
4.4.2 Dendrimers
4.4.3 Polymer Delivery Systems
4.5 Tumor Targeting

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