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Solavei is a great money making platform that has been purposely created to help revert back billons of dollars $$ into the hands of the people who join on this great wireless platform! This is a trustworthy fast growing lucrative business system that has been developed to help you rake in thousands of dollars!!

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone, everybody does shop, and on this great wireless platform you are guaranteed of making instant, plus residual income for the rest of your life!

How will you make money from shopping you ask? Well all you have to do is, buy yourself a Solavei phone or bring your own phone and get connected to unlimited 4G web, talk and text for only $49 or free and also afford yourself a chance to get paid as you shop!

Get this; you will have the great opportunity of being paid $20 – $20,000+ monthly in an amount of $20 for every three people you refer to this wonderful platform!

Another thing, when you let 3 trios know and join in the wonderful program, you will get your wireless service for free! For additional information, to request an invitation or to join Solavei visit

What you need to know…

Solavei team and mobile service provider has a sole mission which is to make life better for millions of people by helping them generate back an income from their wireless platform.

Solavei is not only a leader in the wireless service sector, but its main goal is to ensure that anyone who signs up with their service gets paid 4 using their wireless feature!

Plus Solavei has gone ahead and formed partnerships with all our favorite stores and service providers to ensure that their consumers get paid to do what they do and shop where they shop at anyway!

Instant & Residual Income 24/7! For people who wouldn’t mind generating a side income from doing very little, this is the time for you to join, tell your family and friends before someone else snaps up the opportunity to do so.

The Solavei 4 way pay system…

This is how this wonderful plan works out: The first sixty days you get to connect 12 people, you shall qualify automatically and get paid $650 Fast Action Bonus (FAB)!

Trio Pay; you’ll be earning $20 residual income monthly and for every 3 people you have referred, this translates to $20 x 2,000 = $40,000!

Path Pay; you shall automatically qualify for $50 – $20,000 residual income every month paid on (4-2000 trios)!

Path Bonus; this platform affords you $500-$20,000 1 Time Bonus On (12-2000 Trios Up To $37,500 In Path Bonuses)!

One thing you should know is, Solavei is the first company that has created an economic exchange between mobile and social for the financial benefit of its consumers.

It’ therefore safe to say that Solavei is no ordinary wireless company, but a company that has the passion of creating a wonderful and magnificent social network dedicated to bringing down the cost of business by helping their consumers generate a profitable income by doing things that we do and shopping at the places we shop at every single day! Join Solavei today!

Watch the Solavei Vision Presentation With Solavei CEO, Ryan Wuerch and see why everyone is so excited about Solavei’s unique social network technology, mobile service and the Solavei trio compensation plan!

Solavei CEO Ryan Wuerch Vision Presentation (English Version):

Solavei CEO Ryan Wuerch Vision Presentation (Spanish Version):

Solavei Compensation Plan Video:

Solavei is shifting back billions of dollars to their consumers which we can all state that is a wonderful and a very great idea! James Sharp welcomes you aboard! Cheers!

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