Marvel Vinyls offers PVC sheets and films.

Marvel Vinyls is a known name in the plastic business. The Marvel Group not only deals in plastics and chemicals but they also have business interests in the field of Healthcare, Textiles and Retailing. But, Marvel Vinyls Limited lies in the heart of this huge portfolio.
Apart from PVC Sheets and Films, the company offers you various other products such as, PVC Floor Coverings, PVC Synthetic Leather, Technical Coated Textiles (Tarpaulins) and Specialty Textile Coatings. PVC sheets are one of the most demanded products manufactured by the company for the reason being its vast applications in various fields. The relatively low cost, workability and biological as well as chemical resistance resulted in its usage for numerous applications.
The PVC sheets and films are easily used in the construction field for the reason being cheaper and much stronger than the traditional metals such as copper and the ductile iron. By adding some plasticizers, one can make PVC much softer and easy to assemble which can further be easily used in various fields like, clothing and upholstery, in manufacturing of flexible pipes and tubing, flooring, for roofing, etc.The PVC sheets and films acts as a raw material in the manufacturing of the PVC cards with printed plastic sheets. Another important and common application of PVC sheets is the sewerage pipes and various other pipe applications where cost or vulnerability to corrosion restricts the use of metal. Another field whereby these sheets are useful is the cabling. Due to its flexibility, the PVC sheets are used as wire insulators.To know more about other services visit Embedded data.

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