G4S Technology Partners with Fidelity to Enhance their Cashless Payment System

Gloucestershire, UK (3rd December, 2012) – G4S Technology’s GiroVend, the market-leading brand for cashless payment solutions, has joined forces with Fidelity Systems PLC, the leading supplier of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) touch screen terminals and software, to integrate their systems and develop an innovative completely-cashless EPOS solution with back office functionality.

The partnership was formed to give a greater product offering to the marketplace. By combining systems, G4S and Fidelity Systems PLC are providing a cashless payment solution and automated stock control – the system flags up when stocks are running low, providing the marketplace with a pioneering product offering greater efficiencies.

Stewart Angell, UK Managing Director, G4S Technology, said;

“It’s very clever – as people purchase their food at the Fidelity till using money loaded onto their cards via GiroVend, the Fidelity system is keeping track of stock supplies and will inform the kitchen when items need to be ordered.”

Sam Sharpless, Operations & Product Development Director, Fidelity Systems, added;

“By combining our individual systems capabilities in this way, it allows us to offer the marketplace an integrated system which provides a much smarter and efficient working practice to managing stock control.”

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