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We’re proud to announce that is finally online: this new web site is entirely dedicated to the world of online casinos but most importantly we want to talk with all those players that are looking for some help to transform their gaming experience and let it become something unique. This Italian site is ready to offer regular news updates about gambling industry, guides about the most famous games, free casino bonuses and reviews that will show you which are, to us, the most interesting online casino platforms.

Casino is a very difficult field to walk on, and you’ll need some help to be highly knowledgeable about this world: our portal offers firsthand information about many different games, newly evolving techniques and also a some famous methods to play them. Don’t worry, we already tried this methods long before! We’re a group of players and we just want to share our knowledge about this fashinating business that can completely entertain you, bet after bet, win after win, loss after loss; it doesn’t matter where you play, you only have to get connected with online casino that have got an AAMS license. AAMS is an institution that controls the Italian online gambling and it can provide for the security of game: it will be impossible to fall into online scams because every movement is always checked.

Italy’s only about pizza and mandolino? Oh no, come on! From now on we have to introduce also online casino activities that have grown big time in the past few years and you want to know why? We think it’s quiet normal to feel the desire of trying our luck with online games, consulting the list of promotions and bonuses that every virtual platform offers. Our site deals only with online casinos that are certified by AAMS and maybe you can find it interesting: if you can understand and speak Italian language and if you want to learn this unexplored market, you can visit and get to know this world. You can contact us for every kind of doubt and maybe in few weeks you’ll be ready to launch yourself into the Italian online gambling business. Nothing is impossible, especially when you play poker, or blackjack, baccarat, video poker or slot machines! Are you ready to gamble?

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