Introducing Green Screen Talent Now

Green Screen Talent Now is a new way for companies, churches, and other organizations to create high-quality videos for internal and external use. G.S.T.N.’s goal is to make high-quality talking head videos with talented actors and top-of-the-line equipment affordable to businesses and organizations across the United States through a simple, economical process.

G.S.T.N. supplies the actors, the studio, and the post-production services. Clients supply the script and make the casting decisions. The final product is a professional quality promotional video, corporate video, or church video that the client will own the rights to and may use however they like.

For companies, the process is simple: order a video through the website. The process allows clients to select actors, dictate the length of the video, and upload a script. Clients will also be allowed to select appropriate background images and music from the database or upload their own. Clients can also offer additional directorial notes, such as the mood and the tempo they’d prefer. Once all the relevant information has been submitted, and the payment processing has been completed, G.S.T.N. will make the video to those specifications. When the video is complete, the client will receive a download link to retrieve the final product.

For actors, G.S.T.N. functions as a local talent agency for promotional and corporate video jobs. Actors may submit bios and headshots for consideration for entry into the actor database. Clients then cast actors for videos based on the information on the site. Actors will receive an email notification that they have been booked. They’ll also receive a copy of the script. After they’ve come into the studio to record the video, they’ll be paid for their work. G.S.T.N. handles all the finishing and sending the final files to the clients.

Green Screen Talent Now is a division of Multiverse Media Group. The Green Screen Talent Now business will officially launch in early 2013. Sign up for the email newsletter or visit for additional pre-release information. Embedded data.

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