Professional Press Release Distribution Service Makes SubmitEdge The #1 Player In the Segment

Houston, Texas – Press release distribution is one of the fastest ways of reaching thousands of customers instantly. Today not only mega brands make use of press release distribution services but even small and medium sized businesses are using the strategy to reach the target audience. SubmitEdge offers very reliable press release distribution service to customers at the most reasonable prices.
SubmitEdge recommends the company’s press release distribution services in a number of occasions including but not limited to the following. Announcing of a new service, expansion of the company, new offers, deals and other industry specific information that may be of use to the customers. SubmitEdge has an experienced press release distribution team that takes care of all the aspects press release distributions starting from the review of the customer website, creation of newsworthy article to the distribution of the press release article to hundreds of newsrooms.
Customers will be in total control of the entire process. Once the press release articles are ready, SubmitEdge sends the articles to the customers for the review and approval. Once the articles are approved, the submission process starts. After the completion of the submissions, SubmitEdge sends a detailed report to the customers on the distributions made. Customers will therefore have a clear picture of the work that has gone into the chosen press release distribution package. SubmitEdge charges very nominal fee for the press release distribution service.
Customers will never have to worry about finding a writer to create the press release article as far as SubmitEdge press release distribution service is concerned as the company takes care of the press release creation. The company just needs to be supplied with the website URL and the keywords. If the customer should have any specific information to be included, in the press release, such information is also passed on to the company and SubmitEdge sends a professionally created press release distribution service.
SubmitEdge enjoys very good reputation in the SEO and link building industry. The commitment of the company in meeting customers’ ranking requirements never goes unnoticed. SubmitEdge has been serving the customers since 2006 and in the short span of six years the company has served almost twenty thousand customers offering diverse SEO and link building solutions. SubmitEdge has apparently worked with all niche industries and the experience of the comes as a great advantage to the customer.. SubmitEdge also offers customers exceptional customer support. Embedded data.

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