Led High Bay Lighting China Metal Halide Replacement

One can get OK LED company’s replacement, LED lighting etc. from the website, http://www.ledhbl.com/ which has been launched for the sake of selling LED lighting for residential and commercial purposes. This website also sells LED high bay for those who want to buy it.

LED High Bay has become a really popular and a really important LED product in the market. There are a lot of 400W and 250W high pressure sodium, traditional metal halide and mercury vapour lamps that are to be replaced and these can be replaced with the help of LED. The LED High Bay is not really that predominantly available. One cannot just walk into a hardware store and purchase these bulbs, so one would have to rely on local distributers for this. One could also go for importers, but that would certainly be really expensive.

The website, http://www.ledhbl.com , provides LED high bay lights at prices that are a little cheaper than the importers or even the local distributors . As long as one knows what bulbs to buy to replace specific bulbs, they will certainly be safe. The 100W LED bulb is meant to replace the traditional 250W one. The 150W high bay bulb could replace the 4000W traditional one, easily. By shifting to LED, one is not just staying with the times, one would also be saving a lot of electricity.

The company offers a 5 year warranty on the bulbs being purchased. For the smaller orders, the company provides a 10 day lead and it is 20 days for orders that are big in size and would take some time to bring to fruition. It would really help for one to just rely on the company to get their bulbs for this is quite a cheap company and a cheaper source than most importers for sure. Since the bulbs would be delivered, one need not worry about transportation of large number of bulbs as well.

If one has any queries about the bulbs ledhbl or the shipping, one could contact the website. The following information about the contacts could certainly ok led lighting come in handy in that situation.

Tel: 86-755-27381641
Fax: 86-755-27381640
Email: sales@okledlighting.com
MSN: susan198514@hotmail.com
SKYPE: ledhighbay
Website: http://www.ledhbl.com/

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