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Saint Louis, United States – Families often find it very difficult to handle legal problems. This is why talking to an experienced law firm like Stange Law Firm LLC is the best way to deal with legal issues to find a way to resolve them quickly. The family lawyers in this law firm believe in finding simple solutions to the most complex problems. This agency has four offices in the state of Missouri and two offices in the state of Illinois.

They have also recently launched a new mobile application called Divorce Headquarters. This application can be accessed from iPhones and iPads. This application provides a wealth of useful information in family law like divorce, child custody, child support, property division, military family law, paternity and other matters related to domestic relations. This application is kept updated on a regular basis with the latest news and content from the world of family law.

One of the many advantages that this application offers is that clients of this agency can log in to the application to view the status of their cases. The clients can use this application to view important documents regarding their case. They can also get information regarding various office locations of this firm. In case the clients have any doubts regarding their case, they can seek clarification by sending out an e-mail to the law firm. The divorce lawyers at this firm will respond to the doubts as quickly as they can. The law firm welcomes any feedback that clients might have about their new application. They recognize that this is the best way to improve their services. Clients can access this application through iTunes.

One of the best things about this law firm is that their services are available to their clients twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Their dedication to their work and their commitment to their clients has earned them a lot of recognition. They have been named law firm of the month by the law magazine for Greater St. Louis. Stange Law Firm offers their prospective clients a free sixty minute consultation.

In these sessions, divorce attorneys from the firm will talk to the prospective clients about the legal issues for the family. Visitors to their website can also read through the various blogs and testimonials published on the website. Those who want to hire the services of some of the best lawyers in the state can log on to

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