Orange County Violent Crimes Lawyer May Make The Difference In Your Freedom

If you or a loved one has been arrested for any type of crime, including domestic violence, theft, DUI or violent crimes, your freedom and your life are at risk. Criminal convictions can damage your reputation, your ability to work and especially your freedom. If you are facing any type of criminal charges, it is vital that you contact an experienced and aggressive Criminal Attorney Santa Ana to help you.

At the Law Offices of David P. Schwarz, you will be able to take advantage of their extensive experience in defending individuals throughout Southern California in all types of violent crimes. Available online at, they will be able to go to bat for you to defend you, your rights and protect you against any charges as well as the penalties you may face. With an Orange County Violent Crimes Lawyer, you will be able to utilize more than 14 years of criminal law experience in all types of criminal offenses.

Regardless of the crime you have been accused of, you will be able to take advantage of experience and a thorough investigation into what happened in your case. Your criminal attorney Santa Ana will be able to discern if the government has the evidence required to convict you of any charge that has been brought against you. Even if there is a minimal chance of having your charges dismissed, the Law Offices of David P. Schwarz and one of their Orange County violent crimes lawyers will be able to explore every possibility of getting your charges reduced.

No matter the case, the primary concern is protecting your rights every step of the way. This is especially important for any individual that has been charged with a violent crime, including rape, assault and murder. These carry some of the most harsh penalties in the state of California, which is why you need an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney Santa Ana by your side.

A zealous Orange County violent crimes lawyer will be able to defend you, regardless of the charges brought against you in violent crimes. This can include domestic violence, battery, assault or even murder, but regardless of the seriousness of the crime you have been charged with, you still have rights and you need to have those rights protected. With the experience of an attorney from the Law Offices of David P. Schwarz, you will be able to have your rights protected in every aspect of the law, as well as have every avenue available explored.

Using the circumstances and the facts of your specific case, they will work with you to pursue the best defense possible, because in California, violent crimes are considered felonies, and convictions can include extensive incarcerations, fines and more. To learn more about how he Law Offices of David P. Schwarz can help you, visit them online at In addition, you can contact our law firm by telephone at 714-677-2130 or toll-free at 888-768-6901. Located at 3 Hutton Center Dr., Suite 620 in Santa Ana, find out more about how inexperienced defense may change the outcome in your criminal case.

Learn more about how a knowledgeable Criminal Attorney Santa Ana may be able to change the outcome in your case, with extensive experience as an Orange County Violent Crimes Lawyer.

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