Low cost phone number for Selfridges customer services

England – 9/12/2012 – Many UK citizens with Internet access can now easily find a low cost phone number for Selfridges customer services thanks to online telephone directory ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’.

Many people in the UK find themselves regularly having to undergo the unsurprisingly tiresome process of repeatedly hunting for the right phone number for the right department for the right company – whether the company in question be Apple, T Mobile, Aviva or any of many other popular companies in the UK. However, many low cost phone numbers for departments for companies like these, including high end department store chain Selfridges customer services, are available from online telephone directory ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’.

Given the great reputation that Selfridges has developed since its flagship store in London’s Oxford Street opened in 1909, it should hardly be surprising that many people across the UK would be eager to find a low cost phone number through which they could contact the Selfridges customer services department. Thankfully for such people, online telephone directory ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’ offers just a number.

There are many benefits of a low cost Selfridges customer services phone number
As is made clear on the relevant page of the ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’ website, this low cost Selfridges customer service phone number provides a call connection service that can immediately connect a caller of the number through to Selfridges. The number belongs to ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’ rather than Selfridges, and calls made through it are charged at a mere 10p per minute, though such costs may be slightly higher from mobile networks.

A ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’ spokesperson stated: “Though we are not associated or affiliated with Selfridges or any of the other companies featured on our website, we pride ourselves on providing a fast and effective telephone directory service and aim to fully comply with legislation provided by PhonepayPlus and Ofcom to ensure our service is fully understood, reasonably priced and fast.”

It is likely that, if use of the World Wide Web (WWW) and awareness of the low cost phone number that permits access to Selfridges customer services and is displayed on the ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’ website both greatly rise in the UK during the next few years, the ‘fastphonenumber.co.uk’ website will see great rises in visitor numbers during the same period. This would prove a resounding endorsement of the website’s services.

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