Self-Defense Products Help Women Feel Safe on College Campuses

Atlanta, Georgia – Crime is starting to increase around Inner City College campuses and women have become the target. Get Personal Security Product Company would like to inform everyone that there are self-defense products available that help women feel safe while on college campuses. They can use these products to protect themselves from various incidences that are happening around the campus.

Get Personal Security Product Company provides various self-defense products that aid women to protect themselves from criminals. There are various kinds of products to choose from including personal security, self-defense products, home security products, personal alarms, surveillance camera and the most reliable products which is pepper spray that comes in different models such as Mace Pepper Foam, Sky Blue Mace Pepper, Police ModelMace, Pepper Batons, Mace Pepper Foam, Blue/Black Mace, Pepper GunMace, and, Mace Home Model.

The latest product offered by the company is the 130db Alarm with Light. The slim and sleek design of this special alarm with flashlight fits easily into purses, small hands and even a pocket. It measures 3.5 by 2.5 by 0.5. The equipped activation pin is attached to a wrist strap and once the connected pin is detached the alarm sounds at a 13db ear piercing. This state of the art alarm has built-in flashlight, helpful for dark areas such as parking lot or if coming a dark building. This alarm is ideal for women with night shift jobs and night class students as well.

Get Personal Security Products Company is arming women on college campuses with personal security devices to protect themselves against crime. There is absolutely no price too high for the assurance of personal safety. Self-defense products offered by the company suits any budget. All their products are made exclusively for the expectation and needs of every woman. With these self-defense products you never have to think twice if planning to go home late or travelling around the campus safety zone because the products provide you the freedom to plan with no hesitation.

“Self-defense product provided by Get Personal Security Products Company is really a big help for all women like me who take night classes. We should consider these products to protect ourselves from any possible crime activity as it is reliable and helpful and at a very reasonable price” according to one Inner City College Student interviewed.


Get Personal Security Products helps every woman on college campuses nationwide to protect themselves from danger and any misconduct on the streets. For more information and details on how to obtain this kind of product, please free to visit their website at

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