HollywoodSportsbook.eu Website Recognized with Design Award

November 26, 2012 – Online betting enthusiasts who have long frequented HollywoodSportsbook.eu have always remarked on the site’s cutting edge design. Customer survey’s and industry watchers have reported that the design is one of the most innovative among online sportsbooks. Since its inception in 1997, HollywoodSportsbook.eu has focused on providing a unique experience for bettors, and one of the key components of this strategy has been the design of the website. Players want fast access to all the best action, and if an online sportsbook has been poorly designed, the experience for players can be a major hassle. While customers have long noted the superior design of HollywoodSportsbook.eu’s site, that recognition has just become more official thanks to an award from the Costa Rican Design Institute.

The award not only recognizes the site’s overall look and feel, but also its usability. The award also notes that among online sportsbooks, the HollywoodSportsbook.eu site has one of the most usable mobile sportsbetting interfaces in the industry. Whether accessing HollywoodSportsbook.eu from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, the interface is intimately designed to provide not only a snappy look, but also provide all the latest lines and odds right at a player’s fingertips. These days, a site must be fast and responsive to a user’s input, delivering exactly the content desired and HollywoodSportsbook.eu’s new award is a testament to its impressive design.

A useful website is not only one that is well designed, but also one that has lots of suitable content. For an online Sportsbook, the content must be primarily concerned with offering bettors the lines and odds they’re hoping to play. But in addition to that, a good online sportsbook provides all the information a player needs to do research and stay up-to-date with all the latest news in sports and beyond.

In HollywoodSportsbook.eu’s case, handicappers can find odds on all their favorite sports like the NBA, NFL, and NCAA. They can also find tons of exotic lines on which to place bets online. Users can also find all kinds of videos and links to sports news around the world. If it’s important, bettors can read it or see it on HollywoodSportsbook.eu. For delivering such a world class online sportsbook, HollywoodSportsbook.eu has been recognized with this design award.

About Hollywood Sportsbook

HollywoodSportsbook.com has been online since 1997, with trustworthy, assured service to customers with the best in sports betting and horse track betting. For further information or questions, contact 1-800-220-0002 or email support@hollywoodsportsbook.com.

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