Having a Baby – Key Facts You must Know about Weight Gain

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys that a woman will experience in her life. One of the worries that pregnancy brings is the thought of gaining too much weight. After the baby is born that figure you worked so hard to develop may no longer be evident. Is there a way to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy without piling on those excess pounds?

When you are considering having a baby it always helps to be sure that you are in good physical condition prior to conception. If you are carrying around a few extra pounds you may want to address this issue before you actually become pregnant.

A regular exercise and fitness routine will help you develop stronger muscles that you will need during your pregnancy and labor. Exercise will also help you burn off that unwanted fat. Physicians now encourage most women to maintain a certain level of physical activity while they are pregnant. You can always check with your doctor and get approval for your specific exercise regimen.

Walking and swimming are high on the list of approved activities for a woman who is having a baby. These types of activities help you maintain a healthy weight and are also good for your cardiovascular system. Some pregnant women are able to continue participating in more rigorous fitness activities such as tennis and aerobics.

A pregnant woman should also concentrate on a healthy diet. There are prenatal vitamins that your OB will prescribe. Your daily diet should include items from all the main food groups. Instead of indulging your cravings for sugary sweets try to limit sugars and other highly processed foods. These will just send your blood sugar soaring and pack on unwanted pounds.

Eat small, frequent meals and allow yourself time to enjoy the food. Experiment with recipes that involve a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember that nuts, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy foods are very wise food choices. These foods will give you and your unborn baby the powerful nutrition needed for optimal health. When you choose healthier foods you will be less likely to gain too much weight when you are having a baby.

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