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Toronto, Ontario – Mixed martial arts has grown vastly in popularity and has launched as a platform for educated fans to voice their opinions. Providing a friendly and intelligent space to talk about MMA, is the premiere place online to discuss up to date happenings in the sport, training, and share multimedia with peers from across the world.

In 2012, mixed martial arts has opened up to nearly 80 million homes in North America through network television deals. This is indicative of the growing phenomenon which is the rise of interest in the sport. “Mixed martial arts reaches new plateaus every year and continues to grow on a daily basis. says Jatinder Dhoot, one of the founders of However, the soaring popularity of the sport is not solely a North American trend – MMA is showing global appeal in nations such as India, China, the Philippines, and especially Brazil, which is expected to host 12 UFC events in 2013.

“People from all walks of life enjoy MMA”, says Ashutosh Jha of MMA Digest. “It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re from a major international city or remote village, people love the sport.” This includes many women who are big supports of the sport and have also taken to competing. Many new female fighters are involved with promotions such as Invicta, Bellator, and the Super Fight League. And the UFC’s new women’s division will further advance women’s MMA. also has a section solely dedicated to women’s mixed martial arts. Embedded data.

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