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Xiamen, China – Canvas printing today has developed in to a most creative form of commercial printing art where technology and art are juxtaposed perfectly. At times people think hard of unique gift ideas that would bear a personalized touch. The modern canvas prints can very well serve their purpose. Photo on canvas has already turned in to a great piece of art which people can gift to their loved ones on any grand occasion. The prints on a canvas are long-lasting and so people can memorialize their favorite photos and get a full size canvas print of the photos that will become an asset to be cherished forever. The printing technology has developed in leaps and bounds and thus the canvas prints we get today come with an approximate warranty of 40 years on the color and texture of the printed images on the canvas. Nowadays canvas print photos have become the most popular home d├ęcor items. Even they are being used in many offices to give the interiors a sophisticated modern look. There are many companies which cater to the increasing demand of canvas prints by manufacturing and supplying canvas prints in wholesale to customers worldwide. One such reputed wholesaler and supplier of top quality canvas prints is offers its customers with large format vivid color prints on canvas. The gallery wrapping canvas printing is the type of canvas printing method the company adopts; i.e. stretching the canvas so that it wraps round the strainer bar or what is commonly called the stretch bar and thus gets secured to a more or less 1.25 inches thick wooden frame’s back. The store supplies canvas of almost all sizes and shapes and among its major customers there are photographers, artists, retailers, B2C Website owners and so on. The canvas prints are all manufactured using latest technology in the company’s workshop that is at Xiamen (China). The museum quality giclee prints on canvas produced by this company need a special mention. The light-fast inks used for the giclee printing make the prints totally unique and extremely durable. The prints don’t fade out easily; they don’t change color when exposed to UV radiation and are waterproof. The company offer these canvas prints to its customers at highly affordable prices.

‘I was thinking of some unique canvas printing Christmas gift ideas for this Christmas and suddenly the idea of gifting beautiful photos on canvases to my friends and relatives dawned on me. helped me execute my plan successfully and canvas print within my budget’ says one who benefited from the store.

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