Major Changes in Health Cards after Division of Bupa Services

Private medical insurance (PMI) provider Bupa has confirmed here about its UK health and well being division into two innovative business units. The insurance provider further stated that the change in insurance plans will reflect a reasonable split between the funding and provision sides of its business. The split of insurance plans will be effective from January 1, 2013.

Further it has been stated that new structure is effective to simplify the insurance business of the company. Split in insurance plan will give new opportunity to grow health clinics of the company. Health insurance team will get enough time to concentrate on improving advance changes in private medical insurance market.

One Bupa Spokesman has also stated that some people may be impacted personally by the changes in insurance plans. In such cases, Bupa is promising to handle the deal individually to avoid any negative impact on company employees. He has stated these things on asking about the results of such moves to any job loss. Largest private medical insurance provider of UK has made big changes by splitting the insurance services. This is latest update in insurance industry. The changes are following the announcement of the company which was taken place in September. The company has announced about such changes in September itself which was about the changes in business structure of the company. Company has decided about such changes as a result of global shake ups which were noticed by Stuart Fletcher.

Fletcher has become chief executive of Bupa towards the end of last year. He has scrapped about the three divisions of Bupa’s global business which were International markets, Europe and North America and care services. Further the split was replaced with five new market units. Different managing directors will be responsible to manage these specific divisions. Several individuals are getting health care security from Bupa globally.

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