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Xiamen, China – Prints on the canvases have become extremely popular over the recent few years and people now recognize canvas printing as the most dominant form of contemporary style wall art. Printing on canvases has gained in such immense popularity for three major reasons. First is the great advancement in the field of computer technology, second is the advancement in the field of printing technology and last but not the least is the affordability of canvas prints. Mostly everyone has a special photograph in their house in which they look almost like a model and in this era of advanced technologies getting that photo on canvas is as easy as copying and pasting data from one page to the other. The canvas print of the photo will become a treasured memory which people can cherish every moment by looking at the life size canvas photo print covering the entire wall and holding a pride of position rather than being framed in a pint-sized photo frame that the guests coming to the house may not even notice.

In this internet era, buying canvas art is not at all difficult. It can be done without taking a step out of the house. There are many reputed online whole sellers who offer canvas prints, photo on canvas etc to customers worldwide at affordable rates. One such online whole seller of canvas prints is This company is based in Xiamen (China) and it operates through its e-store. The company specializes in giclee canvas printing and dropship canvas printing and does the work in a superbly professional manner to yield museum quality canvas prints at cheap rates. The workshop is of course the Xiamen Factory but customers can gather all information about their products and services from their website and then place order by contacting them. has started manufacturing photo canvas prints since the year 2007. The company aims at offering customers quality canvas prints that are waterproofed, have a coating that protect the prints against UV radiation and also have a chemical coating that make the prints resistant against color fading. The quality products and best customer care service as well as competitive prices offered by the company for the canvas prints draws large number of customers from North America, Europe to the store almost every day and they keep returning.

‘I had some fantastic holiday shots and canvas print wanted to turn those to canvas photo prints. I was looking for a company that could give me quality output at an affordable rate and finally I came across and my canvas prints purpose was served excellently’ says one who benefited from the services of the company.

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