Bankruptcy Services Law Team, JR Law, Represented in Student Loan Debate

Colmar, Pa. November 25, 2012- JR Law, a law firm specializing in bankruptcy services, will be participating in a debate on November 28, 2012 at Judge Coleman’s Courtroom in Philadelphia, Pa. William D. Schroeder, Jr. represented JR Law as a pro in the debate. The debate topic was that private student loan debt should be dischargeable in bankruptcy if it is more than seven years old, not including federally subsidized loans. The event was a way for bankruptcy services and various matters dealing with that subject to be debated among lawyers, who specialize in this, from the region. Polly Langdon, Trial Attorney with Fred Reigle’s Office, and Judge FitzSimon asked various questions to the debaters after each of the four debates.

“The event truly brought some of the best lawyers, specializing in bankruptcy services, together from the region. William D. Schroeder is a top bankruptcy lawyer from the Philadelphia area so having him involved in the debate process was an honor. JR Law is a prominent bankruptcy law firm in the region, so it was important that he was a part of our debate event,” said ______________________.

William D. Schroeder is a part of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. With more than 25 years of bankruptcy services experience, Schroeder, understands bankruptcy at its core. Whether it is dealing with mortgage foreclosures, credit card debt, or any other kind of financial hassles, JR Law specializes in this specific law practice, giving their clients optimum results in their bankruptcy cases. Offering assistance for those who are struggling with debt, filing for bankruptcy, being sued, going through a divorce and dealing with custody and child support issues, injured in an accident or at work, charged with a DUI and need their driver’s license, buying or selling real estate or have a title problem, and looking for a will, power of attorney, or need to probate an estate, JR Law offers a wide range of services to their clients.

JR Law provides their clients with bankruptcy services that separate their practice from others in the area. The legal team prides themselves on being problem solving specialists in Pennsylvania law. Providing services to individuals and families in Montgomery, Bucks, Berks, Lehigh, Philadelphia, and Chester counties, JR law is a leader in providingpeople with help in debt consolidation and bankruptcy. For more information about JR Law and the bankruptcy services that they provide for their clients contact William D. Schroeder at 215-822-2728 or email him at Embedded data.

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