New Practice Area Pages Added to the Los Angeles Criminal Defense Website

Just recently, the Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Ron Hedding added new practice area pages to his website. These practice area pages allow customers to see the many different types of services that they have to provide. As a leading criminal attorney, Ronald Hedding is the very best in the industry. Specializing in many different types of services, clients can see everything at the law firm has to offer, as well as gain access to the free consultation services that are provided on the website. Simply click to call, proceed to their blog, or fill out a contact request, and clients can easily get in touch with them immediately.

1 – Specializing in the legal rights of clients
One of the practice areas that can be found on the Ron Hedding’s website is a legal right of client’s page. This page represents how the company protects the legal rights of their clients in the best way that they can. They ensure that the police were following orders when arresting their clients, and they ensure that everything is going smoothly in the court. If a client’s legal rights have been violated in any way, the legal team at the Los Angeles criminal attorney law firm will stand behind their clients and demand legal representation immediately.

2 – Specializing in drug crimes
The Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Ron Hedding also specializes in drug crimes. These are crimes such as possession, or possibly even dealing drugs. When a client is facing this type of crime, they need a high-quality lawyer or attorney to represent them in court. Trying to face a drug crime alone would be legal suicide, a lawyer or attorney is there to help their client win their case so that they don’t spend any time in jail and they can go home to their family.

3 – Specializing in juvenile crimes
Juvenile crimes are any case where there is a young person that has committed a crime and is facing a court case. Juvenile crimes include teenagers and those that are still in grade school, middle school, or high school. If a client is facing juvenile sentencing, this is where the criminal defense attorney Ron Hedding can provide his services to help represent the client legally, in court.

4 – Specializing in DUI Defense
If a client is being convicted of a DUI, they need to get in touch with a lawyer right away. One of the new practice area pages on the Los Angeles defense attorney website includes a DUI defense page. This is for anyone that has been convicted of a DUI or DWI, and is facing a court case. Going to court for a DUI is very serious, there is a lot laying on the line. More than likely, there is heavy financial fines, or maybe even jail time. Driving while under the influence is not a small crime, it’s something that is taken very seriously in the court of law. Clients need to protect their rights and have a DUI attorney by their side to represent them.

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