Fun Company Announces Perfect Gifts for the Holidays – Marshmallow Blow Gun Toys for Children, Teens, and Adults

Dallas, TX—Nov 30th 2012— Marshmallows are loved by kids and adults alike. The soft gummy and sweet confectionary that makes everyone lost in its taste also provides fun and color to any party. Marshmallows are thrown at each other during parties especially the teeny tots. Blow guns or marshmallow guns is an innovative way to add an extra punch to a party. Marshmallow fun company today announced a new website that provides access to some amazing and innovative blow guns to shoot out marshmallows.

The new site provides information about different kinds of blow guns that are available as an alternative to the traditional Nerf toy guns. With shooters, bow and Mallows, blasters, Mazookas, single shot and blowers, customers can choose from a huge variety of marshmallow blow guns of their liking. Creating a party atmosphere with these toys would not only bring in an exciting celebrating mood but also gets the crowd involved to a large extent, even provides a small treat!

Marshmallow fun company is a company that believes that adding fun with the help of food is a totally new fun element for children to explore. Marshmallows that are shot are safe so that your loved ones can have fun without risking injury. The father-son duo of Beaver Raymond and Jake assembled the first blow gun or marshmallow gun as a fun way to kick start the party by shooting marshmallows at friends and family. The birth of the lung powered marshmallow gun, and other marshmallow product was therefore a fun thought which is now a must have for every party.

Safety aspects of the traditional Nerf guns has always been debated, but marshmallow guns from Marshmallow Fun Company adhere to the safety parameters like providing enough scope for air exhausts and compressible blow guns. The marshmallow shooters ensure that if an object inserted into the blow gun cannot compress, and then regain shape, it will not blow through the gun. This mean tow things; it will not blow hard objects through the blow gun, so children cannot use hard object like rocks, etc. as ammo. The second thing to remember is to ensure you supply everyone using the toy marshmallow guns with plenty of marshmallows to deter the ambitions of using different object from ammo. Marshmallow fun company believes these precautions makes sure that the blow guns used are safe for kids and ensures zero danger.

Celebrities are often seen having fun with a marshmallow gun at fun parties, which goes to show how fast these cool blow guns are catching on. Different variants of the toy blow guns or marshmallow guns are available in order to ensure that the customer gets his or her pick to set the theme for the party. Kids who love to play during parties can choose from both bow and mallows or blow guns that would compress and shoot out marshmallows at each other, double marshmallow shooters, and more.

Marshmallow toy guns can also be found on various online stores at the best prices. Customers can make use of the promo codes and get the right discounts on the products. Choosing the right shape and variant of marshmallow toys can help parents to choose the right gift for their kids. People who love their kids will think about safety and also ensure that the most exciting blow guns are bought by them. Marshmallow fun company is dedicated to providing safety in the toys that it manufacturers thereby winning the trust of millions of loyal fans of its marshmallow fun toys.

Marshmallow fun company has been in news of late. The marshmallow shooters have been a revolution and the products list keep getting better as company plans to shift to the next level. The double barrel shooter that the company launched is a perfect example of what the company thinks about its future. Kids and grownups love the concept and are excited as ever to try them out for parties and holiday gifts.
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